Our values

Being deliberate about who we work with, we love partnering with clients that align to our values. It's important to us that we can create change for better. To see our values alignment across projects click here (authentication required).

Do No Harm

Are they harming society?

We will not work with anyone, or on anything, that harms society, e.g., gambling.

  • Supports the UN Global Compact / SDG Goals


Are we helping better the tech community?

We want to build an internal and external community driven by best practice and creating workplaces of the future.

  • Community - sharing our expertise

  • Wellbeing

  • Mentoring

  • Diversity & Inclusion


Are we making life better for others?

We want what we build for others to impact the world for the better, and/or change the practices of others to seek to be better.

  • Social responsibility

  • Makes difference in the world

  • Changes day-to-day operations for the better


Are we able to execute on our goals by having a sustainable business?

We are a for-profit company, and we aim to make profit by doing the right things. Sometimes we may need to ensure our profitability first to ensure we can deliver on our higher purpose.

  • Revenue

  • Profitability

  • No bench space


Are we doing the kind of work that we want to be doing?

We value remaining ahead of our competition and being professional thought leaders.

We want to provide an ecosystem to support the type of work and roles of our team, both as individuals & collectively as a team.

  • Professional Development

  • Good / Right Tech

  • Type of work

  • ISV’s


Are we good people doing good things?

To ensure we operate under an ethical framework in all that we do, we will subscribe to the world’s best practices in business.

  • UN Global Compact / SDG Goals

  • BCorp

  • 6P Values & Purpose

  • Best Places to Work


Are we growing our partnerships?

We are better together, building partnerships that help us grow our own business with companies we respect.

  • Microsoft and our vendors

  • JumpSpider companies

  • Customers and good humans

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