Promotional pathways

Congratulations in wanting to take the next step in your career, know that we are here to support you every step of the way. Here's our approach:

1. Put your hand up

Hit up your manager and let them know you are interested in pursuing career pathways.

2. Chat with your manager

Your manager is there to support you every step of the way and help you take the next step in your career. They will guide you through this process and keep you informed.

3. 360 review process

Using our evaluation spreadsheets, this is where you rate yourself based on 'if' you were already in the role, and your peers, PCs and non-technical team (these are people who have worked with you most recently) will also fill out the same sheet.

4. Feedback

There will be a discussion about the areas you do well in, the areas for improvement and areas that are not observed. Together a PD plan will be set out for you. The rest is up to you to ensure you are closing the gaps and setting yourself up for success.

5. Next steps

Once you have worked through the PD plan, the timeframe is somewhat determined by what is in it and your own appetite for progress.). When you feel you are at the right level, we re-do the 360-review process with a larger section of peers to provide feedback. At that point we seek agreement that you have covered the areas required and we move forward to promotion 🎉

Some notes:

  • You need to be able to demonstrate the areas covered in the spreadsheet and role description

  • Attitude, professional maturity and ability to influence are key factors

  • You may not always do these things in your day-to-day job once promoted, however you have demonstrated that you are capable if required to

  • You may not always see everything that is needed in your current engagement.

  • We will provide you with an opportunity to act up in the “next level role” while being guided by an SC/PC working with you on a project and they will assess your overall ability to perform the role solo

  • Promotions at SixPivot are decided by 360 reviews, your peers, PCs, and CEO

  • Part of the process of moving to the next level is your commitment to the process and you putting in the effort to bridge the gaps

  • We also consider and/or seek feedback from clients and many of our clients are happy to support your journey and collaborate with us to help you succeed on your pathway

  • It is OK not to be interested in promotion, as long as we are committed to lifelong learning

  • We are committed to setting up our teams and consultants for success

The leap from SD to SC

  • Senior Consultants will not only be able to confidently lead a customer’s team of developers, but you can also confidently lead a SixPivot team

  • You can fully come up with a solution and execute that solution without assistance

  • Our SC role is more encompassing than many others you might see in peer organisations

Promotions/job title and salary

We do not want career pathways to be seen purely as a link to title change and increased salary. It's important to us to find the role/responsibilities/skills you actually want to do day-to-day and will be happy doing. We are open and have candid conversations on your goals, including salary (please see PD Plans). Please talk more with your manager on this. You do not need a title change for an increase in salary at SixPivot.

Got more questions?

We've likely answered them in our Ask Me Anything session on pathways, check it out here (authentication required).

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