TL;DR: We are work-from-anywhere; just be a team player, get the work done that you said you would, and communicate with your team ahead of time.

Working from where you do your best work and offering true flexibility is part of our DNA. We look to subscribe to the world's best practice in flexible working.

This gives our team the ability to adjust typical daily hours of work in regard to start and finish times to work around family and work commitments. Team can discuss with their managers and clients in advance and come to an agreement.

Be a team player

We're thoughtful of our team and clients, noting that most of our clients still work standard business hours. We expect you to fulfil your responsibility on your project, and are available to your team (client and SixPivot) when it is convenient for you and them.

Take leave and maximise flexibility (we encourage it), but our expectation is that you're a team player and you're not blocking others. We expect you to be dependable when your team needs you. It's important you participate and work your flexibility around things like:

  • 🗓️ Important client meetings such as a project kick off, or a sprint ceremony like sprint retrospective

  • 🤝 Pairing up on a Slack Huddle to have a code review, or lending a second pair of eyes on a problem

  • 🌱 Sixers: closed door session to talk transparently and deliver updates on the business

  • 🎙️ The occasional external speaker

Use your calendar (SixPivot as well as the client's) to block out personal arrangements. Keep them private, we don't need to know the details, but this will help your team when they need to book some of your time.

Working overseas

We openly encourage the team if they want to be digital nomads in countries that allow them to stay beyond the standard tourist visa. Articles that we like to share with the team:

Does this mean we hire people outside of Australia?

Our preference is to grow and support local software developers. 🌱

Examples of flexibility

Here are some insights taken from our READMEs on how our team "do" flexibility:

  • Start early/finish early or start late/finish late

  • Commitments in the afternoons (sport/kids)

  • Go to the gym at off-peak times

  • Align their schedule to caravanning around

  • Adjust their working times based on their clients

  • Work when they’re feeling productive and take breaks when they’re not

  • Like to go into the office certain days

  • Prefer having meetings in the morning so they can do their focused work in the afternoons

  • Duck out at different times of the day depending on the weather to walk their dog

  • Pop out for appointments and bookings

  • Take naps in the day to catch up on missed sleep or avoid caffeine

  • Work longer hours for 4-day work week or a 9-day fortnight

  • Work part-time hours

Some trends: our team generally work business hours (but we do have a few night owls). We also generally try and avoid scheduling meetings around school pick up times.

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