Asking for help

in a remote-first team, we expect you to ask for and flag any for help. In office-based companies you might be used to casually popping your head out from your computer and asking the person beside you for help, where working remote can sometimes allow folks to go dark and down a rabbit hole on their own. 😰

Going it alone isn’t okay at SixPivot, not only for your mental health but also because we are a team. Our clients expect us to solve problems with expertise as a team.

There will always be someone amongst the Pivots who knows how to solve the problem with you. We have a number of channels on Slack, here's some examples, but not an exhaustive list:

  • #consulting

  • #help-with-azure

  • #help-with-dotnet

  • #help-with-react

  • #help-with-vue

  • #programming

Feel more comfortable pinging someone privately? Look up our Skills Matrix for who our team experts are for the solution area you're looking at.

You also have the support of your buddy, the team you’re working in, and your Principal Consultant.

But don’t go it alone or go dark.

If you're not feeling the project you're on, raise it with your manager; maybe there's a better suited project for you. We'll figure it out together.

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