You can switch a public holiday to your preferred date.

Sometimes our friends or family work in an industry where they have to work through the public holiday and we'd prefer to take time when they do. Or maybe there's a cultural or religious significant date we'd prefer time for. Or sometimes we just want to mix it up and take a long weekend.

Here's our approach with switching public holidays:

  • You can switch to a date within 2 weeks, or other cultural/religious significant date

  • If you're part time, the public holiday has to fall on your agreed working days

  • Everybody defaults to the public holiday to their place of residence e.g. if you move to NZ/Toowoomba/Yeppoon the public holiday date for that region applies

How to request a Switcharoo:

Ping Jayne and she will sort you out. Unlike other leave types, Xero can't jive with Switcharoos so we do these ones manually.

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