Consulting Manifesto

These are the delivery principles of SixPivot, presented in the style of the Agile Manifesto. While there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.

Quality Code over Speed of Delivery

We pride ourselves in delivering solutions in a timely manner, but never at the expense of quality. We write the right tests and our code is peer-reviewed. Fast delivery is a short-term win but a long-term loss if the quality is poor.

Building the Right Thing over Building Things Right

While it's important to build things the right way, it's more important to build the right thing. A system with a perfect technical solution that doesn't solve the problem it was meant to solve has no value to anybody.

Delivering Value over Delivering Code

We need to bill clients to be profitable, but it's more important to deliver value to a client than it is to bill them. If we can solve the client needs without writing code, then we should consider that option. We strive to provide great client outcomes, not simply to focus on the billable time.

The Right Tool over The Shiniest Tool

We greatly value knowledge of the cutting edge, but the cutting edge is not always the best place for the client. The cutting edge could be unproven, we might not have the expertise, or the client might not be able/willing to upskill when it comes time to hand it over.

Integrity over Revenue

We can't have a business without selling our people, and while we have a lot of expertise across the company and we can learn anything, we don't expect anybody to know everything. We'll never sell you as an expert in something that you're not.

A Champion Team over a Team of Champions

We're all smart, but we value team efforts over individual efforts. We expect team to put their hand up and ask for help, we work better together, and no one should go it alone. We favour team engagements over solo gigs because the whole is greater than the sum of our parts.

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