Innovation Director

What do I expect of me:

  • Be creative

  • Open minded

  • Have perspective and perspectives

  • Have an opinion

  • Help SixPivot customers think differently

  • Transpose ideas across domains

  • Help SixPivot customers achieve their goals / outcomes, through innovation?

  • Champion innovation processes internally

  • Something, something innovation process at Six P -> not own, or define, rather guide or custodian of

What do I want to achieve [in the role]

I like to help customers be successful

I want to help consultants to think alternatively about the problems they face

I want to improve productivity through creativity / innovation

I would like to see SixPivot become more innovative [in tech ideas] (as it is innovative in lots of other areas already)

I would like to develop or refine an innovation process at SixPivot, output is ideas

I would like to create an offering around innovation, output is a GTM offering

What does the business need

Alternative thinking

Customer aligned, orientated thinking

Diversity of thought

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