Slack channels

How our Slack channels work high level.

Default channels:

The ones you're automatically added to when you onboard. And where you can expect to find most team in.

Slack channelIntent


Team-wide communication and announcements. All Pivots are in this channel.


You may not get to cross pollinate with the wider team in your daily tasks. This channel is to create connections and build rapport with introductions. Feel free to leave and join this channel as you like.


This channel is to encourage looking after yourself. Will include discussions around health benefits to make you happy little vegemites.


Going somewhere (office/event) / on leave / unwell / good mornings are welcome in this channel. We work flexibly and don't expect micro movements, just keep your Slack status updated.


Client related updates. You can scroll here to get an idea of what's happening on projects.


You can post anonymously here to ask questions, raise concerns and discuss issues openly.


Sharing articles, events and other stuff for learning. You can also ask where you can do PD.


A place for non-work-related flimflam, faffing, hodge-podge or jibber-jabber you'd prefer to keep out of more focused work-related channels.


Chatter area related to our monthly whole team Sixers meeting. Go wild in here during meetings, we dig it.


Shout outs and good vibes welcome in this space. Work related recognition and team encouragement is the energy.


The art, the practice, the science. Place for discussing upcoming consulting work. Sharing tips, learns and all the things.


Place for updates and news related to software development.


Q&A and discussion on anything related to front-end development. Prefix your post to clarify what technology you're referring to eg [react], [vue], [css], [JavaScript].


Q&A and discussion on anything related to .NET.


Q&A and discussion for general technical questions.


Q&A and discussion on Azure.

Noteworthy opt-in channels:

These channels you can join (or leave) when you like.

Slack channelIntent


Jump in here to make updates and edits. Everybody in the team welcome, the more input, the better.


See a typo, jump in here and tell us. Want to add or change something, let us know.


Have an idea for a project, pop in here and let us know.


All the happenings with reruitment, what we're planning, what we're trying etc.


Join here for the inside of Faith's head, her musings, her projects and what's coming next.


All things AI and ML news and happenings


Join for bookclub, find out what we're reading, when the next session is.


Share your pics, stories and funnies with us


Tips, pics and updates for gardening here


A place to discuss and show off feats of creativity in the physical realm since we spend so much time in the virtual


A public space where we can discuss Mental Health and Neurodiversity topics and share resources.

#mh-and-nd (private)

Private peer support group for Mental Health and Neurodiveristy. Contact Rebecca to be added.

#ladies (private)

Peer support group for women. A place to let your hair down.


Keep up to date with the monthly meetings here. Join conversations related to the ideas register and innovation.


Place to share your writing. Get feedback and encouragement from others.


Place to discuss laptops, PC's, phones consoles etc.


Q&A and discussion on mobile technologies.

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