Consulting Director

The director role indicates that you are a leader within the SixPivot business, working with other stakeholders to help shape and evolve SixPivot’s scalability, sustainability, and profitability.

In addition to the role expectations of a Principal Consultant, as Consulting Director you are responsible for ensuring that our consulting offering is consistent, complete, and best practice across all aspects of delivery, as well as driving aspects of our company culture such as role definitions, expectations, and promotional pathways.


  • Refine how we estimate, present our proposals, and schedule work for upcoming projects

Project Delivery

  • Guide the team on our preferred ways of working with regards to agile software delivery, DevOps, FinOps, etc.

  • Guide the team on how we initiate projects with new and existing clients

  • Develop efficient ways of onboarding and offboarding consultants to/from client engagements to ensure a smooth transition for our team and the client

  • Guide team leaders on our preferred ways of providing project updates to our clients and internally

  • Develop our processes around wrapping up a project and/or a client

  • Mentor our team in best practice from a delivery perspective

Company and Culture

  • Assist with the definitions and expectations of our different roles

  • Help drive the criteria that we use to recruit new team members

  • Provide input into promotional pathway criteria

  • Help find and provide opportunities for those on promotional pathways to practice and demonstrate their gaps

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