Recruitment process

Involves a few different steps, here is the high level intention:

We're grateful (and excited) you're thinking about working with us! Here's a high-level idea of what our recruitment process might look like for you.

Informational/screening chat:

This is a casual conversation to get to know each other better. We'll answer any and all questions about SixPivot as well as see if there is alignment for relevant experience, role expectation and salary.

Technical component

Technical interview finding your technical and consulting limits.

Final interview

This is where you meet our GM or CEO who will want to learn about you as well as share our vision and goals.


Congratulations you've made it 🎉 We think you're amazing!

The nice thing about job offers from SixPivot is once you have a job offer from us, you will always have one. We regularly have people join us when they're ready e.g., after travelling, after their stocks have vested, after baby or purchasing a house. We'll decide together on a rough timeline when works for you 😃


We think it's important to close the loop. Our team take a good amount of time putting together individual feedback. You will be provided feedback directly from the developers who interview you.

If unsuccessful at any stage of the interview process, you can reapply again in 12 months. And if our community mentoring program is running we may also invite you to participate.

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