Principal Consultant

Role Expectations

An experienced technologist, you can leverage your breadth of technical experience to help clients achieve their vision by aligning technology to their business strategy.

Leveraging your relationships with the team and industry, you can overcome complex technical and non-technical challenges providing confidence and reassurance to those around you through experience, knowledge and honesty.

A natural leader, you quickly build rapport with your team, clients and community creating trust and respect. You confidently take on architectural direction and take ownership of a project from proposal to delivery.

You’re an ambassador for SixPivot encompassing team values and are actively involved with the community and company direction.

Team, Clients and Peers

You’ve demonstrated the ability to establish relationships and trust with team, managers and clients. You can:

  • Naturally create trust and respect from your peers and clients

  • Be viewed as the go-to person by team and clients not only on assigned projects

  • Proactively check in with team on projects and see how the project is progressing

  • Take initiative to set up structured process for formalised checking in on assigned projects (weekly/fortnightly) with team members

  • Quickly establish rapport with clients

  • Confidently be viewed as the most experienced Leader in the room

  • Facilitate technical and non-technical conversations in one-on-one or workshop environments

  • Effectively communicate technical concepts to non-technical people

  • Thrive through respectful feedback when giving and receiving constructive or positive comments

  • Support team members through group check-ins and/or 1:1's

You don't have direct reports or HR responsibilities, but you do care about our people.


You’ve demonstrated that you can work closely with clients and SixPivot account managers to take a vision or set of requirements and distil that into an actionable outcome. You can:

  • Confidently present business and technical concepts to clients in an easily understood manner

  • Work with ambiguity and think on your feet

  • Effectively communicate to a client the journey from current state to future state

  • Lead defensive individuals to a favourable outcome

  • Manage confrontation and competing interests with a level-head and maintain composure

  • Effectively estimate, prepare scope, prepare sales proposals, identify team options

  • Plan the best approach to delivery for the required outcome including best technology choice

  • Evaluate custom development vs off the shelf third party products

  • Turn around estimates and proposal in a prescribed time frame

  • Proactively call out opportunities for SixPivot with clients

  • Work closely with the SixPivot account manager to workshop best solutions for the client

You're not the only one responsible for pre-sales, but you do work with others to make sure it gets done.

Project Oversight

You’ve demonstrated the ability to take ownership and be responsible for the delivery of a project from proposal to production. You can:

  • Proficiently set up the team composition and lead a software project using agile practices

  • Identify the right time to hand over day-to-day delivery to Team Leads while still providing ongoing oversight and technical escalation

  • Confidently build a product vision with a client that will deliver the best value to their business

  • Help clients build technology roadmaps

  • Manage project scope and work with both the technical team and the client on ongoing changes to scope and estimations

  • Actively monitor progress of a project and client expectations of delivery times and costs, identifying and working as an escalation point to remove any possible roadblocks for the team

  • Take initiative to set up regular reporting to project stakeholders, both SixPivot and client

  • Recognise delivery or personnel issues early and define strategies to proactively remedy the issue

  • Work closely with the SixPivot account manager to manage potential risks

  • Provide oversight to multiple projects at one time, across both multiple clients and domains

  • Identify holistic solutions to business requirements for multiple projects across a client

  • Support team members in having difficult conversations with a client

  • Own the quality assurance of our project delivery, helping with risk management and root cause analysis of complex issues

You're not there to pick up the work that nobody else wants to do, but you do make sure it gets done.


You’ve demonstrated that you can confidently take an architectural direction, validation and day to day hands on, to deliver software that provides value to our clients. You can:

  • Work with the team and client to make appropriate architectural recommendations and ensure the team stays on track with those recommendations

  • Provide a validation point for architectural decisions

  • Have a holistic understanding of, and ensure that projects have considered and implemented:

    • Infrastructure, identity management, security, scalability and maintainability

    • Operational cost and support, business continuity, and disaster recovery

    • Confidently have a healthy debate with clients and peers around technical decisions while maintaining composure

    • Regulatory and privacy impacts

  • Mediate ensuring that each team member has been heard in times of technical debate and work with the team to come up with the right choice for the client

  • Be pragmatic and evaluate technical choice in line with required outcome and an understanding of holistic business view

  • Actively keep up to date and understand new technology frameworks even if you may not be the expert in it

  • Help with code reviews and pairing when required

  • Assist with out-of-band technical spikes, PoC's, etc.

You're not on the critical path for technical deliverables, but you do work with others to ensure our technical delivery is up to scratch.

From time to time, you may be asked to fill the role of a Senior Consultant on a project instead of Principal, and this still excites you.

Company and Culture

You have demonstrated the ability to lead our team values while growing the business within the community and clients. You:

  • Are seen at a CTO level internally and externally

  • Foster and uphold our commitments around mental health and an inclusive culture

  • Subscribe to the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact that SixPivot is a signatory of

  • Subscribe to the SixPivot Consulting Manifesto

  • Are an ambassador for SixPivot and encompass company values and vision

  • Are seen as a Senior Leader within SixPivot and provide input into company direction

  • Have a desire to be involved with the community and are involved with the Community Mentoring Program

  • Actively participate in the SixPivot recruitment process and foster a culture of feedback

  • Are trusted to take ownership and encourage ownership in the team

  • Are open minded and have a learner mindset

  • Lead & champion change within SixPivot

  • Act as an advocate and voice for the team

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