Who does what

We're made up of many different kinds of people. What do they all do? Here's a rough idea.

There's a bit more information about what everyone does on projects in Project structure too.

Developers and Consultants

Our developers and consultants make up the majority of the company. You're out in the field (virtually), helping our clients to deliver quality software by writing code, driving process improvement, and asking difficult questions. You work remotely, flexibly, and are all here because we see something special in you.


They keep you busy. They find interesting work for you to do by maintaining relationships with our existing clients and finding new ones with interesting problems to solve.


Our managers keep SixPivot running smoothly by ensuring that everyone in the company has what we need to do our jobs efficiently.

Principal Leadership Team

The Principal Leadership Team, or PLT, plan and drive strategic initiatives across the company. It's made up of Management, Principals, and Directors.

The Board

The board oversees the whole company, making sure it's moving in the right direction and operating efficiently.


Faith founded SixPivot and keeps an eye on things to ensure we stay true to her vision.


Sammy is our Head of Developer Experience. She understands our people and culture, and continually improves both.


Jayne does everything that needs doing to keep SixPivot running. She bills our clients, pays us, organises our events, and does a hundred more things that you'll never even notice.

Cloud Ctrl

Do you want more developers? We've got more developers! The Cloud Ctrl team build, maintain, sell, and manage our cloud cost management product. Most of us have spent some time working with the team as part of our onboarding.

What do you get when you put us all together? This lot 👇

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