Position descriptions

There is always room for improvement when describing something as complex as a job role. We approach it openly and will continue to iterate on it so we can sincerely reflect our roles and culture.


Are smart and friendly developers who write clean code and can communicate with technical and non-technical peers. Software Developers welcome being mentored and know when to ask for help. The main difference between Software Developers and Senior Developers is the level of support. We ensure there is mentoring, support and oversight to set Software Developers up for success and growth. Externally our Software Developers aren’t too different from a Software Developer in a product company, ours may just have more soft skills experience having exposure to clients.

Senior Developers

Are brilliant technologists. Senior Developers write elegant code and can implement a feature end-to-end. With the breadth of experience they’ve had, Senior Developers can approach problems and think of various ways to solve it while understanding the business impacts. Our Senior Developers aren’t too different from a Senior Developer in a product company. The difference being our Senior Developers also interact with clients on projects.

Senior Consultants

Work effectively with business stakeholders to deliver a project. Senior Consultants are great at coaching and mentoring team as well as working with business stakeholders. They have an uncanny ability to translate complex business needs into a technology solution and relay that solution back to a non-technical person. There isn’t a technical skill set difference between a Senior Developer and a Senior Consultant. The main being a soft skills piece in people management to driving technical solutions. Externally you might look at a Senior Consultant as a Team Lead in a product company.

Specialised Technical Roles

Not everyone wants to become a Senior Consultant or a Principal Consultant. Software development is a craft and how you want to refine your craft we support. We’re open to specialised subject matter expert roles. The titles of these roles – we aren’t sure yet, it will be a tailored thing. But an example is we have Bill Chesnut who is a Cloud Platform API Evangelist, and we couldn’t imagine our team without him.

Principal Consultants

Not only are Principal Consultants technically brilliant with excellent communication and people skills; they’re skilled in engaging with C-level executives and aligning business requirements into technology on high-level strategy. They’re across multiple teams and projects and are responsible for the project's success from proposal to delivery. Externally you might view a Principal Consultant as a CTO in product company.


SixPivot has three specialist Director roles. These roles are in place to allow us to focus on specific areas of the SixPivot business:

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