Who we are


We help people create great software.

Software is easy to build but making it elegant and maintainable is hard. Doing so fast is extremely difficult.

We're experts in all things full stack software development, specialising in .NET, AWS and Azure. We work with all kinds of people, from teaching someone with an idea everything they need to know to make it a product, through to helping enterprises with multiple teams improve how they work.

We have a strong sense of purpose and a defined set of values. Being selective about the clients we partner with, want to build impactful relationships and software.


Founding SixPivot in 2015, Faith Rees brought together people she'd worked with who shared the same purpose and values. Her intent was to build a company where we can enjoy what we do, continually learn, work with other talented people, and make a positive impact.


Seeing SixPivot as her legacy, Faith is growing a company that everyone can be owners of. SixPivot is purposefully without VC's and external shareholders making decisions. Her vision is for the team to become shareholders of SixPivot and be wholly run by its people, sharing in profits. Faith envisioned her personal future wealth to come from product businesses she would go on to found. Hence, the SixPivot group:

Our ideal future state is to have an ecosystem where developers cycle between consulting and product to explore all types of technical and business challenges, continually growing and engaging with a variety of interesting values aligned projects.

Cloud Ctrl

Our product that gives transparency to cloud costs.

People often ask why their cloud spend is so much, or what changed to make it cost more. Big cloud vendors don't want you to understand your spend. The endpoints to pull from are poorly maintained, poorly documented, brittle, inconsistent, and subject to frequent change.

Cloud Ctrl provides complete visibility of your cloud spend, anomalies, projections and spend trends. The product is saving customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in cloud spend every month and is evolving into an Environmental and Social Governance Tool that can provide cost management and governance across any consumption data.


Our innovation incubator that develops and commercialises software products.

Often there's a proven demand for product that has not yet been commercialised. Regularly these "market pull ideas" don't have a team to propel them forward.

In JumpSpiders we evaluate these ideas (whether they be internal team ideas or external client ideas) and look to the broader market applicability. If it's the right fit, we build the product for global scale in partnership.


We look at purpose through a few different lenses:

Team - our main purpose. Creating a company that we all want to work in, have a shared vision of what we want to achieve, and how we want to do things and make a difference.

Community - what can we give back to our technical community. Whether it's supporting local community groups like DDD, or the work we do with startups, sharing at conferences, and giving back what we learn. It may be technical, procedural, or how we work; it's one of the drivers we have in supporting the community we work in.

Customers - we don't want to be just doing work for money or be a body shop, we want to ensure we are adding value and being deliberately purposeful. We want to follow through on what we say to the customer, understand their business goals, and get fully invested with them and see them to succeed. We want to do everything we can to make them successful.

World - we all know technology and software is changing the world. Everything you are developing in some way will continue to be used in the future. We don't want to be responsible for code that will harm the fabric of society in some way, e.g., nuclear bombs. We don't want to be responsible for something that will be embedded into people's lives and have a negative impact on them.

Still have questions?

Check out Faith's speaking about our purpose here (authentication required).

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