Unpaid Me Time

Life is a lot, and sometimes you need a break.

If you want to have a break from work we will support you. Me Time is where you can take an extended amount of unpaid time, up to 12 months (or negotiated) - and your job will be guaranteed and waiting for you.

You don't need a reason, you can simply want to take time to do things like:

🧘 Have a mental health break

🎨 Write your magnum opus

✈️ Go travelling

💆 Take a career break

🍃 Caravan Australia

Whatever your reasoning is, if you need time, you will have job security. Hopefully it can make decisions around how you structure your life easier.

How to request Me Time:

Talk with your manager about Me Time. They can guide and work with you around scheduling, customers and timelines.

Note: leave benefits don't accrue while you're taking unpaid leave. This includes annual and personal leave as well as the time before you are eligible for long service leave.

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