AI-Assisted Software Development Policy

1. Introduction

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for the appropriate use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tooling within SixPivot to ensure the responsible and ethical development of solutions. AI tooling is intended to enhance our software development processes, improve productivity, and support our consultants in delivering high-quality outcomes for our clients.

2. Objectives

The main objectives of this policy are to:

  • Encourage the use of AI tooling to improve productivity and software quality

  • Ensure that AI tooling is used responsibly, ethically, and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations

  • Manage risks associated with the use of AI tooling in software development

  • Support continuous learning and upskilling of developers in using AI tooling effectively

3. Guidelines

3.1 Selection and Evaluation of AI Tooling

  • For client work, only use AI tooling that has been approved by the PLT.

  • Evaluate AI tools based on factors such as accuracy, efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, following these guidelines:

    • Any Pivot may evaluate any free/free trial tool at any time, provided no sensitive SixPivot or Client Intellectual Property is shared.

    • Evaluation where there is a cost associated may be done with approval of the PLT

    • Evaluation of tooling on Client Work may be done with the approval of the PLT

  • The PLT, or designated consultant/s, will conduct periodic reviews and assessments of the AI tooling to ensure it remains appropriate for our needs

3.2 Responsible and Ethical Use of AI Tooling

  • Use AI tooling to augment, not replace, human decision-making in software development

  • Be transparent with clients about the use of AI tooling in the development process and its potential limitations

  • Ensure that AI tooling does not lead to biased, discriminatory, or otherwise unfair outcomes in solutions or documentation

  • Adhere to data privacy and security standards when using AI tooling, including GDPR, Data sovereignty, protection of Trade Secrets or Intellectual Property, and other applicable regulations

3.3 Training and Continuous Learning

  • The #ai slack channel exists to share tools, thoughts and educational material developments in AI and AI Tooling

  • Consultants are encouraged to dedicate Professional Development (PD) time to improve their expertise in AI concepts in general

  • Consultants are encouraged to run “Lunch and Learn” or “Sixer” sessions on approved or proposed tooling.

4. Compliance and Review

All employees are expected to comply with this policy. The PLT will periodically review and update this policy as needed to ensure its continued effectiveness and relevance, as required by changes in technology, industry standards, or applicable laws and regulations.

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