Types of leave

🌴 Annual and additional leave

Get out of here, visit your loved ones, take a holiday, and unplug. Note many of our team uninstall work apps and go off-grid, we fully endorse this practice!

  • 4 weeks of annual leave

  • Preferably keep your accrued annual leave to less than 20 days (>160 hours). Exceptions to this may be needed from time to time, especially where leave is being accrued for significant life events.

  • As part of your package negotiation, you can have up to an additional 2 weeks of leave, for a total of 6 weeks leave per annum

  • When booking leave, annual leave needs to be used first with any remainder being taken from your additional leave balance.

  • Additional leave is added each work anniversary and can accrue up to 24 months. Our preference is utilising it within the 12 month period. But if not, it rolls over for a further 12 month period. Note if it still unused by the next work anniversary it will expire.

🤒 Personal and carer's leave

Also known as sick days, mental health days, caring for family and loved ones or 'meh' days (those days where nothing goes right and you just need to write them off). No medical certificate required, no questions asked.

  • 10 days of personal and carer's leave

🤓 Professional development

Check out our guideline and intentions here

  • Unlimited PD

🦘 Switcharoos

Switch a public holiday to your preferred date. Find more info here.

🎗 Special or Domestic Violence leave

For people impacted by domestic violence as well as people concerned about their own behaviour. Please see our offering and guidelines here.

  • Unlimited paid domestic violence leave

🍼 Parental leave

Congratulations! Check out our offering and guidelines here.

  • 12 weeks full pay for primary carers

  • 3 weeks full pay for secondary carers

🧘 Unpaid Me Time

Take a break from work with job security. See more info here.

  • Up to 12 months (or negotiated)

🐾 Pawrental leave

So small and cute 🥺 this is for you to settle in your new dog or cat

  • 1 day per year

How to request leave *

  • Fill in a leave form in Xero. (See below for examples using the web or mobile app)

    • For a full day enter 7.6 hours (07:36 on the mobile app)

    • For a half day enter 3.8 hours (03:48 on the mobile app)

  • Inform the relevant people (manager, your team, client)

  • Reschedule/handover anything important

  • Update your Slack status

*note that Switcharoos are handled differently: please ping Jayne for your Switcharoo. Xero muddles it up and we prefer to update Switcharoos directly in our tracking sheet.

Example leave requests using web interface

Note the default for a single day is 7.6 hours. For a half day you would enter 3.8 hours.

For multiple days leave, you only need to enter the date range

Example leave requests using mobile app

You can use the Xero Me mobile app (iOS or Android) to enter leave requests

In contrast to the web interface, the mobile apps require you to enter time in HH:MM format (rather than decimal). A full day will be 07:36 (and yes you need the leading zero!). For a half day you would enter 03:48.

Note also that in the mobile app, the hours field defaults to 00:00, and it will require you to change that to a valid value before you can submit a request for a partial or single day's leave.

Like the web interface, the mobile app doesn't need hours when you select multiple days.

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