How do we review salaries and how often is a question that comes up from time to time.

The below outlines our considerations and the process we go through to make sure we are competitive in market and that each of you is looked after when it comes to salary.

Our current salary bands are a guide for when we recruit new people and are a fair indication of where most people sit, however tenure and the unique value you bring to SixPivot over time can see people in a particular job role exceed their salary band:

Salary bands are base salary only - superannuation and benefits are in addition (note: many organisations represent 'packages' to make base salary appear higher).

  • Senior Developers: $130- $150K

  • Senior Consultants: $150 - $170K

  • Principal Consultants: $170 - $180K

  • Directors: $180K+

Each February and July we undertake a salary review process:

  • We evaluate the market

  • We use a cross section of salary reports from recruitment agencies

  • We look at parity across the team

  • We look at tenure and contribution

  • This is done for all team members both development/ consulting team and operational/ sales team

  • We do allocate salary increases into the budget each year

How are salaries increased?

  • We will assess each person based on the above factors

  • We try to proactively come to you with increases

  • Team parity and fair market salaries are of prime consideration in assessing salaries

  • When salary increases occur is based on a number of factors so we don't have a specific rule for when team members can expect a salary increase. We don't always give an increase every year, but generally you would expect at least one salary increase within a 2 year period.

  • This is also somewhat determined by your starting salary

Other factors that affect your salary:

  • Additional leave negotiations

  • If you work part-time

  • Other benefits packaged at your request

  • Promotions - any associated increase will take place at the time of promotion

Other cash benefits:

  • Shop points (tax free)

  • Anniversary points (tax free)

  • Profit share

Can I and how do I ask for a salary review?

  • You can ask for a salary review at any time.

  • Your salary will be reviewed against the above criteria

  • If asking for an increase, please provide a genuine professional rationale

Our intent with salaries:

  • We will never be the highest paying nor lowest paying

  • We try to ensure that our salaries are slightly above average while balancing the return/ value within the consulting dynamic

  • We try to ensure that salaries are set to create and support a sustainable and profitable business

  • We want to pay you so that you are never tempted to leave for salary and that salary becomes a non-decision point

  • We try to balance salary and benefits and to align them to individual priorities that also map to parity within the team

When comparing salaries to other opportunities or looking for an increase:

  • Are you comparing apples to apples?

  • If wanting a higher salary, what are you expecting will change to warrant the higher salary?

  • Why do you feel that your current salary requires review?

  • If you want more money this may be possible but are there other benefits you would be happy to forsake/ trade for salary?

  • Likewise, if you would like other benefits/perks, are there salary or other trades you would consider?

  • Ultimately, we want you to feel valued and that you are paid in alignment with your role and contribution and that both your salary and other benefits meet your personal needs. Our salary bands are a guide and a rough overall expectation. They are based on role to help you and us ensure fairness and transparency, and to act as a guide for us all.

  • Profit share is a genuine attempt to reward everyone equally as the company prospers

Got more questions?

We've likely answered them in our Ask Me Anything session on salaries, check it out here (authentication required).

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