Wellbeing and mental health

We know everyone's experience is highly personal and people will have different preferences for support. Almost half (44%) of all Australians experience mental illness at some point in their life. The most common conditions are anxiety, affective disorders (especially depression), and substance use disorders (especially alcohol use). These conditions can be serious, but help is available and supported at SixPivot.

Employee Assistance Programme

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Our wellbeing support team

Our team have paid coaching sessions available with an organisational consultant, mental skills coach, and psychologist. These are part of our everyday culture, not only from a wellbeing lens, but also a professional development lens. Understanding and accepting you, as you and helping you grow into the best version of yourself, as person not as your job title - this is central to SixPivot. Sessions with our coaches are encouraged and celebrated in learning more and going further. Please get in touch with your manager to arrange a session.

Mark Bramwell, Organisational Consultant

Organisational psychology for high-performing teams. Coaches around what is happening in the workplace.​

Dr Jess Tonissen, Organisational Psychologist

Leveraging the science of people and performance to unlock new possibilities for how we work, lead, and deliver together.​

Tony Priddle, Mental Skills Coach

Helps people understand who they are, that perception is not reality and equips you with the tools to support your growth.

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