Senior Developer

Role Expectations

You’re an experienced developer who can see the big picture. You write elegant code and can communicate with technical and non-technical peers to share your ideas.

You’re always a team player and know when to ask for help when you need it, and you know when to escalate a potential future issue.

You build great relationships and are trusted by your team as well as clients in your technical brilliance.


You have demonstrated the ability to craft software that delivers value to our clients. You:

  • Understand the scope of the engagement and follow guidance

  • Confidently make recommendations encompassing technical and non-technical concerns, such as:

    • infrastructure,

    • identity management,

    • security,

    • scalability,

    • concurrency, and

    • taking maintainability into consideration

  • Understand operational and support cost, and risks such as business continuity, and disaster recovery

  • Can apply a basic cost/benefit analysis on the projects and specific work you're involved in

  • Can confidently have a healthy debate with clients and peers around technical decisions while maintaining composure

  • Primarily your role is to write elegant code, escalating any blockers to this with your Principal Consultant

Team, Clients and Peers

You’ve demonstrated the ability to establish great relationships with team, managers and clients. You can:

  • Communicate technical concepts to non-technical people

  • Effectively steer technical and non-technical conversations to positive outcomes over any medium

  • Confidently contribute to project and team meetings

  • Confidently position the value of the SixPivot approach using agile processes and why it is an effective way to deliver software

  • Thrive through respectful feedback when giving and receiving constructive or positive comments

Project Delivery

You’ve demonstrated the ability to work as part of a team from proposal to production. You can:

  • Confidently deliver against a customer vision

  • Comfortably provide input into estimates and manage your time against your commitments

  • Actively track your progress of a project and raise concerns if there is an impact to expected delivery time with your Principal Consultant

  • Recognise delivery or personnel issues early and escalate to your Principal Consultant

Company and Culture

You have demonstrated our team values while growing the business within the community and clients. You:

  • Encompass company values and vision

  • Foster and uphold our commitments around mental health and an inclusive culture

  • Subscribe to the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact that SixPivot is a signatory of

  • Actively participate in the SixPivot recruitment process and embraces a culture of feedback

  • Proactively call out opportunities for SixPivot with clients

  • Are trusted to take ownership and encourage ownership in the team

  • Are open minded and have a learner mindset

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