Being a remote first team it's important we build in some habits and ceremonies to foster connectivity, here's a few:

👋 1-on-1s

Every few weeks with key people you're working with (or sometimes more, we'll work out what you need).

Intention: to remove blockers, support wellbeing and personal development.

🍩 Donuts

Every three weeks, connections to have a virtual "donut" with a random team member in the channel.

Intention: for team to get to know each other and build rapport.

🌱 Sixers

Monthly all hands for what's happening at SixPivot.

Intention: keep everyone informed and updated with a bit of banter.

🧑‍💻 Dev huddles

Once a month for a quarter. Devs share interesting learnings or things they're working on, almost like a code club.

Intention: for devs to get together and build rapport.

🍔 Lunch and learns

Initiated on the fly by individuals (open to anyone on the team) e.g., Quinten did a session about milling lumber, Newt did a NRL fantasy hobby project, Dylan did a Kubernetes session etc.

Intention: sharing, learning, building rapport and having fun.

📕 Book club

Every other month. Team opt-in by joining #pd-books where they pick a book to read and discuss. Intention: learning and sharing together.

🏔️ Summit

In person once a year (around July/August) all hands conference. The entire company are flown in to talk shop.

Intention: deep dive into the business, radical transparency on what's happening and the year ahead.

🌴 Annual retreat

In person once a year (around November/December) whole company (plus family invited) paid weekend getaway at a resort.

Intention: for team to relax, have fun and get to know each other + family better. No work, social only.

💼 Going to the office

Access to The Hub in each city, more info here

Intention: a physical place for people to meet or place to go to get out of the house.

🎙 External speakers

Once a quarter with internal breakout rooms after, topics include (unconscious bias, accessibility, financial education, LGBTQIA+, neurodiversity, mindfulness talks)

Intention: learning together and building rapport.

👾 Hackathons

Once a year with internal pitches and projects for us to work on together

Intention: learning, having fun, innovating, and building rapport.

🙋 PPP (Pivots, Pivots, Pivots)

In person, by state, twice a year with DDD conference style internal presentations.

Intention: creating an internal sense of community and learning.

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